Violin And Viola Lessons in Hawaii In Honolulu

Music Lessons in Honolulu

Private Music Lessons


Q. Where do you teach and what are your Methods? 

A. I teach in my comfortable studio located  in MANOA. Easy to reach with private parking. This is a home business therefore your lessons will be specially tailored according your needs and your goals. In general what I offer is focused on 3 major points: 
1) Extensive experience teaching students from age 4 to professional adults, with a focus on sound quality and proper technique.
2) Individualized and creative approach nurtures each student's inner musician to develop them into the best violinist they can be.
3) Fun and caring teaching methods that instill in all students a love of music and an appreciation of their special connection to it.

Q. Wich kind of age of students do you teach? 

A. My students in the past have ranged from four-year old beginners and school-age students to music school teachers, symphony orchestra members and adult beginners or advanced who want to play for fun.  

Q. Am I too old to start playing the violin?

A. You are never too old to learn the violin or the viola .  Becoming a professional classical violinist takes a lifetime of learning, and even then there are no guarantees one will make a living, the field is too competitive.  However, that has nothing to do with learning the instrument.  I have seen amazing things from adult (and late teen) learners who became good enough to join a community orchestra.  

Q. What are the teaching hours of your studio? 

A. Daytime/weekend/evening lessons available .For a no-obligation trial lesson click on  contact us 

Q. What is your fee? 

A.  I usually tailor the quantity and fee of the lessons based on the effective necessity of the students and my GOALS as teacher, which are: 
- To provide solid instruction—students of all levels will study scales, etudes and repertoire. They will learn correct technique, musicality, how to read music and music theory.
- To cater lessons to each student—each student comes to me with different experiences and goals and therefore requires a unique plan to foster their growth as a musician.
- To give my students the tools they need to be successful—a solid foundation is the best start for enjoyment and success in music because students of all levels know they can do it!

In order to have a better quotation of the fees I invite anyone to call me. My rates are absolutely convenient. Here is my phone number: 

(808) 497 - 2847